15+ upcycled gifts your furry friends will love (made in Canada)

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Are you looking for a sustainable gift to get your furry friend or for your pet lover friend?

We’ve put together an awesome list of upcycled pet gifts that are made in Canada by local upcycling pet enthusiasts! Below you’ll find upcycled pet beds, cat toys, dog collars, and more!

15+ Upcycled Gifts Your Furry Friend Will Love (Made in Canada) | Let's Go Zero Waste

By purchasing an upcycled gift, you are not only saving materials from the landfill, you are also encouraging upcyclers to continue their craft. The more we normalize upcycled gifts, the more upcycled options there will be down the road.

Upcycled disclaimer: please note that fabric types, colours, and patterns will change based on their availability. Upcycled products tend to be very unique and are often one-of-a-kind due to the nature of how the materials are sourced. This means that once a specific fabric style is sold out, there is no guarantee that a product will be made with the same fabric design ever again. But that’s the beauty of upcycled products and what makes them all the more special!

Upcycled pet beds

Pet beds by Up Pet

Dog wearing upcycled bandana lying on pet bed made from upcycled materials. Both the upcycled bandana and upcycled bed are made by Up Pet
[image source: @up.pet]

Up Pet makes pet bed shells from 100% upcycled or deadstock fabrics and since the fabrics are upcycled, each pet bed design is unique! The fabrics they use include pre-loved bedding and fabric stores’ off-cuts that were destined for the landfill. The beds are designed to be durable as the tops use 2-ply fabrics.

When it comes to stuffing the beds you have three options:

  1. You can purchase just the pet bed shell and stuff it yourself,
  2. You can purchase the pet beds with Up Pet’s eco-friendly, pet-safe Kapok Fiber, or
  3. You can choose Up Pet’s sustainable shredded scraps for stuffing made from 100% upcycled fabrics.

Upcycled pet toys

Throwing disc dog toys by U.S.E.D.

Upcycled throwing disc dog toy made from repurposed seat belts by U.S.E.D.
[image source: U.S.E.D.]

U.S.E.D. — Used Supplies from Everyone’s Discards — makes handmade throwing discs using seatbelts that they take by hand from scrapyards. The discs are light, chewable and extremely durable. They come in a variety of colours and they even float in the water!

Catnip toys by Maritime Moose

Upcycled catnip toy in the shape of a blue goldfish made by Maritime Moose
[image source: Maritime Moose]

Maritime Moose handmakes upcycled catnip toys from discarded upholstery samples. They’re filled with yarn scraps and locally grown catnip.

There is a wide variety of toy designs to choose from (e.g., fish, mice, caterpillars, etc.) and they sell out fast! Don’t worry, though, if you can’t snag one right away the inventory is always being updated, simply check back later.

Related Post: Maritime Moose also makes upcycled clothing and accessories for pawrents, like their upcycled toques featured in our Upcycled Gifts Made in Canada (for adults) blog post!

Catnip cat toys by lot8

[image source: lot8]

lot8’s catnip toys are handmade from pre-washed cotton canvas remnants and are filled with homegrown catnip, natural fibre remnants and flax seed. These sustainable toys are safe for both your kitty and the planet. They are compostable and they keep textiles from the landfill!

If you are in the Stratford, Ontario area, you can purchase lot8’s catnip toys at Coventry Animal Hospital, where all proceeds from the sales are donated to Feline Friends Network.

Kim, owner of lot8 has generously shared her DIY eco-friendly cat toy instructions in a blog post that you can find on her website. Be sure to check it out here.

Tug toys by Little Pine

Dog playing in the snow with an upcycled tug toy made with repurposed climbing rope | by Little Pine
[image source: Little Pine]

If your canine friend loves playing tug of war, Little Pine’s tug toys are a perfect gift! Little Pine’s tug toys are handmade using upcycled climbing ropes secured with mountaineering knots at each end. They come in a variety of sizes and colours, depending on availability.

Dog toys by Up Pet

Bone-shaped dog toy made from upcycled materials by Up Pet
[image source: Up Pet]

To help reduce their own waste footprint, Up Pet uses the scraps of fabric that are produced from making their pet beds and bandanas to make dog toys. The handcrafted, upcycled toys are stuffed with scrap fabric too!

Each toy is quite unique as the material is always changing based on the fabric remains that are available.

Kickers Catnip Toy by Up Pet

[image source: Up Pet]

Up Pet’s Kickers catnip toys are perfect for kittens and cats alike! The toys are stuffed with kapok organic fiber and organic catnip to give your cat the ultimate sustainable, playful experience!

Just like their dog toys, Up Pet uses the scraps from their other products to make their cat toys. They also use off-cuts and remnants from fabric stores that would otherwise be thrown away.

Upcycled collars + leashes

Climbing rope leashes by Little Pine

Dog posing in front of a lake and mountains where he shows off his upcycled leash made from repurposed climbing rope | by Little Pine
[image source: Little Pine]

Little Pine’s upcycled leashes are made using re-purposed climbing ropes and finished with climbing hardware for clasps. Their standard leash is approximately 5.5 feet long. They do offer other sizes, depending on the length of rope available.

Little Pine offers repairs and recycling of their products, materials and hardware whenever possible.

Collars by U.S.E.D.

Two upcycled dog collars made from repurposed climbing anchor webbing by USED
[image source: U.S.E.D.]

U.S.E.D. makes upcycled dog collars from recycled climbing anchor webbing that have been reclaimed from climbing routes in the Pacific North West. They also make vintage dog collars from their most vintage-like seat belts and buckles for large dog breeds.

  • Shipping from Revelstoke, BC | Shop upcycled or vintage dog collars by U.S.E.D.

Shirt collars by Up Pet

Sitting dog wearing a blue and green upcycled pet shirt collar with stars on it made by Up Pet
[image source: Up Pet]

These cute and sophisticated shirt collars are perfect for your work-from-home fur buddies and for your furry friends that simply have that “professional and sophisticated” look about them.

Up Pet makes their shirt collars from 100% recycled/reclaimed materials with the addition of a snap button to ensure that there is no worry of them falling off. They come in various sizes, including extra small, which works perfectly for your cat!

Bow ties by Up Pet

Upcycled classic bow tie for pets with geometric design sitting in front of a succulent plant and two pine cones | Bow tie made by Up Pet
[image source: Up Pet]

Another great option if you’re looking to dress up your furry friend is to get them a beautiful classic bow tie that you can attach to their collar. Up Pet handmakes their upcycled bow ties using 100% pre-loved fabrics that have been salvaged from the fashion industry.

They feature two elastic loops on the back to easily slide onto most collars. This gives the bow ties extra reinforcement to stay in place. They also come in various sizes and therefore are perfect for both cats and dogs!

Cat bandanas by Up Pet

Upcycled cat bandana showcasing both the front side (stripes) and reversible side (pineapples) by Up Pet
[image source: Up Pet]

If you’re looking for an option that’s a little less formal than bow ties and shirt collars, Up Pet also makes bandanas! They use 100% reclaimed/recycled materials that have been salvaged from the fashion industry to create fun reversible cat bandanas.

Dog bandanas by Up Pet

Flowers Star Bandana for dogs made from upcycled materials by Up Pet
[image source: Up Pet]

Just like their cat bandanas, only larger in size, Up Pet makes colourful, reversible dog bandanas using reclaimed or deadstock fabric from thrift stores. Their bandanas come in various sizes and colours, depending on what they have in stock.

Upcycled pet accessories

Pet placemats by U.S.E.D.

Pet placemat made of upcycled seatbelts with two pet dishes on top | Pet placemat made by U.S.E.D.
[image source: U.S.E.D.]

U.S.E.D. also makes pet placemats from upcycled seatbelts that are found in scrapyards. These amazing, colourful placemats come in various sizes and colours.

Lightweight trail bowls by Little Pine

A lightweight trail bowl for food or water made from upcycled Gore Tex by Little Pine
[image source: Little Pine]

Crafted from upcycled, water-resistant Gore-Tex, Little Pine’s trail bowls are perfect for lunches or even a quick drink of water while you and your furry friend are out and about.

The trail bowls are lightweight and come with an eco-friendly cork tab so they can be easily secured to your backpack or belt loops. They come in a variety of sizes and colours depending on availability of materials.

Dog poop bag dispensers by Up Pet

Two dog poop bag dispensers made from upcycled fabrics. One dispenser is empty and the other has blue dog poop bags in it. The upcycled dispensers are made by Up Pet.
[image source: Up Pet]

Handmade with scrap fabric from 100% reclaimed material, Up Pet’s poop bag dispensers are both stylish and eco-friendly. They have a snap button opening so that your roll of bags can be replaced and a metal grommet for dispensing the bags. They also come with snap hooks so that you can attach the dispenser to your dog’s leash, your purse, or any other place you can think of.

Eco-note: try to purchase dog poop bags that are either certified compostable if you’ll be composting the poop + bag, or choose dog poop bags made from 100% recycled plastic if you’ll be tossing it in the garbage.

That brings us to the end of our list of upcycled pet gifts made right here in Canada. We hope you’ve found some great ideas to gift your fur baby!

If you know of any other Canadian makers of upcycled pet products that ship across Canada, please let us know!

Also, if you purchase an item or items from our list of upcyclers we’d love to hear about your experience with your upcycled purchase and how much your fur baby loves it! You can let us know in the comments below or even leave a review for the upcyclers on their Let’s Go Zero Waste listing (–> Up Pet, Maritime Moose, U.S.E.D., Mother and Nature, Little Pine).

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