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Congratulations! You’re pregnant!

Now, along with all the preparations for your soon-to-be-here baby, you also need to think of yourself. Your clothing needs will definitely change over the next few months and unless you have a friend or family member who has saved their oversized, maternity, and/or nursing clothes for you, you will most certainly be shopping for new clothing.

Whether you’re looking for a whole new wardrobe or just a few pieces, it will be rather expensive to buy everything brand new, especially when the clothing is only worn for a short period of time. It’s not the best for the environment either, and that’s where shopping secondhand comes in!

Maternity & Nursing Secondhand Online Clothing Stores in Canada | Let's Go Zero Waste Blog Post

We’ve put together a list of Canadian online stores that offer secondhand maternity clothes, including dresses, rompers, pants, t-shirts, sweaters, etc., as well as secondhand nursing items, like nursing bras and nursing dresses.

One of the great things about the online stores listed below is that most are consignment stores, so after you’re done with your maternity and nursing clothes, you can look into selling them back to the store. That way you’ll technically save even more money!

Disclaimer: Please note that when shopping secondhand, most of the time the items for sale are unique in the sense that only one will be available at a specific store, there will likely not be duplicates in either the same size or different sizes. Therefore, the images of the maternity and nursing clothes below may no longer be available to purchase. However, they’re good indicators of the types of items that are available or may become available at each online secondhand store listed below.

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Knocked Consignment

  • Based in | Calgary, AB

Knocked Consignment is an online maternity store for new and expectant moms. If you’re in Calgary you can even book a personal and private shopping appointment.

Preloved Maternity

  • Based in | Blackfalds, AB

Preloved Maternity is a clothing store that specializes in gently used maternity and nursing clothes.

Twice Loved

  • Based in | Regina, SK

Twice Loved is a children’s consignment boutique that also offers a selection of maternity clothes and nursing essentials. Shop by size under “Maternity Clothing” from XXS to XXL.

Pea Shoots Consignment

  • Based in | Nanaimo, BC

Shop for Maternity & Nursing clothing and accessories with Pea Shoots Consignment, an online children’s consignment store.

Canopy Kids

  • Based in | Toronto, ON

Canopy Kids is a pre-loved kids’ online store that also has a selection of adult clothing. Shop their Breastfeeding or Maternity collections for nursing and pregnancy clothing.

Moon + Lion Consignment

  • Based in | Manotick, ON

Moon + Lion Consignment is an Instagram-based pre-loved children’s boutique that carries clothing for babies, kids, and mamas. You can browse their maternity and nursing collection via their MAMAs story highlights or scroll through their Instagram posts.

Jill & Joey Preloved Apparel

  • Based in | North Vancouver, BC

Jill & Joey Preloved Apparel is an online children’s and maternity clothing store that offers a large selection of both maternity and nursing clothes. They have a maternity section on their website to make it really easy to access their collection.

Struck by Secondhand

  • Based in | Amherstview/Kingston, ON

Struck by Secondhand is an online nursing and maternity clothing store that offers a sizeable collection of gently worn clothing in a multitude of sizes. If you live in the Kingston area, you can even book an in-person appointment to try on various pieces that you are interested in purchasing.

We hope this list of online secondhand clothing stores that sell maternity and nursing clothes and accessories is helpful for all you soon-to-be moms! If you know of any other online maternity stores, please let us know in the comments below.

Also, if you’re looking to shop secondhand for other items, check out our directory to find all kinds of secondhand shops near you, either in-person or online.

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