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Before we begin, we know that you are super busy running your business and that this all might seem like it’ll take way too much time. But, it won’t, we promise!

Because you can either just fill out the required fields (of which there are ~6) and we can help you fill out the rest OR you can send us an email at hello[at]letsgozerowaste[dot]com with some information about your business (like the name, website, why it should be added) and then we can add it for you. Then, after we’ve added it, we’ll send you the link and you can claim it, which will enable you to edit the listing and update it as you like.

While developing the directory we noticed that there is no specific mold that all the low-waste businesses follow in terms of their structure.

Instead, there are

  • your average businesses with just storefronts,
  • pop-up shops,
  • businesses that only do delivery,
  • businesses that are just online and they ship their products,
  • businesses where you order online, but they don’t ship, instead they have a pick-up location,
  • businesses that have storefronts and online shops, and
  • many more mix-matches of business structures.

Therefore, we’ve tried to organize the directory in the most optimal way for customers to find your businesses, because we want to make sure that if someone is looking for you that you won’t be missed (we’re all in this zero waste journey together). This means that you might have multiple listings in order to cover all possible searches.

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How to add a brick+mortar business/initiative

On the “Add Listing” page you’ll choose “Add a Place”.

1. Package Options

a) Shops/Services: Choose this option if you are a shop/service that is not a zero waste grocery store.

b) Zero Waste Grocery Stores: Choose this option if your store’s identity is a “zero waste grocery store.”

c) Community Initiatives: Choose this option if you are a lending library, DIY hub, repair cafe, etc, essentially you’re not a store.

2. Claim Listing

If you are the business owner or associate of the listing you are adding, please check the claim listing box. By claiming your listing you are letting visitors know that your listing is verified by your business and that it will be kept up-to-date.

3. Listing Details

a) Place Title: Enter your business’ name. If you have a Google My Business account for your business then you should use the same name to improve search engine results.

b) Strapline: Your motto or a very brief description of your business.

  • An example strapline: A zero waste directory

c) Listing Description: A detailed, well-written description of your business. Please try to make sure that it is not taken word for word from your website.

IMPORTANT: if your business is not explicitly zero waste, please explain why your business should be on the directory, i.e. you have a zero waste collection at your store or you run a BYOC program, etc.

  • An example description: Let’s Go Zero Waste is a zero waste directory with listings across Canada. We offer free listings for BYO-friendly shops, initiatives with a focus on creating a circular economy, donation + recycling programs, and eco-friendly events.

d) Category: Select at least one category. Please do not select any that are not relevant to your business. If you choose more than one category, choose which is your main (default) category, this will not affect search results, just your map icon image.

IMPORTANT: if you select the “Community Initiatives” category or one of its sub-categories and you are a store, please provide further details about your initiatives in your description or in the “More Info” section.

4. Listing Contact Information

a) Temporarily Closed: If your business is temporarily closed please select this.

b) Phone Number: Enter your business’ phone number in the following format, +1 (123) 456-7890.

c) Listing Email Address: Enter your business’ email address.

d) Website: Enter your business’ website with the format including the https://

e) Has multiple locations?: If your business has multiple locations tick “yes”.

f) Lock “multiple locations” fields: This field will appear if you have multiple locations. It allows you to choose which fields are the same for all of your locations so that you can pre-populate most fields of the other locations, but allow the address, telephone number and business hours to be entered separately for all of your locations. When the main listing is edited, the locked fields are edited for the other listings as well. Use the “Ctrl” button to select multiple field names at a time.

g) Address: Enter your business’ street address.

h) Region: Select the applicable province or enter a new one.

i) City: Select the applicable city or enter a new one.

j) Zip/Post Code: Enter your zip/postal code here.

k) Click on “Set Address On Map” -> This will auto-populate the postal code, address latitude and longitude. Sometimes the city and zip/postal code will change. Just re-enter the correct ones but don’t re-click on “Set Address on Map”.

l) Address Latitude: This should auto-populate.

m) Address Longitude: This should auto-populate.

n) Business Hours: If you have opening hours select “yes” and then modify them as needed. Clicking the (+) adds new options, clicking the (-) deletes them. You may also need to modify the timezone to your closest capitol city.

5. Social Accounts

When entering your social accounts’ URLs make sure that the link follows the https:// format.

6. Products You Sell

Please select the products that you sell. Please note these products should only be selected if they are unpackaged/refillable or they are reusable + plastic-free. If they’re in compostable packaging please use your best judgement whether to add them or not.

There may be products that you do not find on the lists. If you very much believe that we should add one of the products that you sell to our list send us a message. Please note, however, that we will use our discretion whether to add it or not.

7. Items You Accept for Donations, Upcycling, or Recycling

a) Select the items that you accept as donations, you accept because you plan to upcycle them, or you accept because you have a recycling program set up for them.

There may be items you accept that are not on the list. If you very much believe that we should add one of the items that you accept to our list send us a message. Please note, however, that we will use our discretion whether to add it or not.

b) Select the TerraCycle programs that you participate in. If you notice a TerraCycle program that is missing or that no longer exists, please let us know.

8. Uploads

a) You can add one image for your logo. It doesn’t have to be your logo but it should represent your business well as it is the first image people will see with respect to your business.

b) You can add up to 5 images that relate to your business. The first will be the “featured” image that appears in your listing’s banner. The featured image as well as the rest will also appear in your listing’s gallery.

9. More Info

The “More Info” section is so that visitors to the site can find out what “extras” you provide and what your business does that is extra for the community/environment. If you’ve already mentioned it all in your main description please don’t enter the same thing twice.

If you don’t have anything to add please just leave the fields empty.

a) Zero Waste “Badges”:

  1. BYO Container-Friendly Store = if your store allows customers to bring their own containers or bags to fill up products with.
  2. Take a jar – Leave a jar program = if your store allows customers to take free containers to use to fill up products with, and they can also drop off clean containers for others to use for free.
  3. Take a bag – Leave a bag program = if your store allows customers to take free reusable bags to use, and they can also drop off clean reusable bags for others to use for free.
  4. Jar Deposit Program = if your store/service has a deposit program in place where customers fill up your containers with product and can later bring them back, clean and empty, for a refund.
  5. Buy a product. Plant a tree. = if your store/service plants trees or pays for trees to be planted for products purchased.

b) Services We Offer: If applicable, describe the extra zero waste/eco-friendly/sustainable services you offer, BUT not if it is already in your main description.

c) Membership Description: If applicable, describe your membership program. i.e. what it is for, how much it costs, etc.

d) Our Donation Guidelines: If applicable, describe your guidelines for acceptable donations (not money donations). i.e. what condition can the items be in, do you only accept donations on certain days, etc.

e) Our Recycling Guidelines: If applicable, describe your guidelines for acceptable recyclables. i.e. what condition can the items be in, etc.

f) How our refill/BYOC program works: If applicable, describe how your refill/bring your own container program works. i.e. what types of containers do you accept? Do you fill the containers or do customers fill their own?

g) About Our Community Initiatives: If you checked off “Community Initiatives” as a category or any of its subcategories please explain what yours are all about here. If you have other initiatives that you partake in that aren’t to do with zero waste you can describe them here.

h) About Our Environmental Initiatives: If applicable, describe what you are doing that is extra for the environment. i.e. What do you do with food waste, do you compost it? Does your building run only on green energy?

10. Submit Listing

Next, either submit your listing or preview it first. Once you submit your listing, we will review it to make sure everything is in order and we may get in contact with you to verify certain details.

Also, if you select that you are the owner/associate of the business, we may need to contact you to verify that you are indeed the owner/associate. It may take a few days for us to go through the verification process so please be patient. Thank you!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us here.

To add a 2nd location:

On your Profile page under “Listings” you can edit your listings and add new locations by clicking on the “…” and choosing “Add Franchise”, as shown in the image below.

If you’re all set, go to Add Listing, we can’t wait to have your business or initiative on the directory!

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